Reimagining Jay Street

Jay Street is a major arterial leading cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers onto the Manhattan Bridge. It also falls right into the middle of my own commute. Anyone who has braved the street at rush house knows how chaotic it is. Double parking and U-turns abound, and enforcement is seemingly nonexistent (even though the area is always full of police).

Transportation Alternatives has been working for years for a redesign, and finally was able to hold a workshop in which community members voiced their dreams for the street. Proposals ran the gamut from simple (protected bike lanes) to far-fetched (a car-free grand boulevard). Councilman Stephen Levin was on hand to show his support, as well as the 84th Precinct’s Captain Maximo Tolentino and representatives of several other elected officials.

The bottom line was clear: Brooklynites are fed up with Jay Street, and it must be redesigned to be more friendly to all road users.

Huge thanks to Eric McClure and Transportation Alternatives for putting on such a great event.

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