Travel Day

Just a couple of sentences from yesterday that I couldn’t get up due to lack of Internet access:

I’m sitting on the floor of Hartsfield-Jackson airport, propped up against a brushed metal column, charging my phone and waiting for a delayed flight.

Once I get to New York, some combination of trains should get me to Clinton Hill, where a friend has offered a place for me to stay for the night. In the morning, it’s off to Park Slope to check out an apartment. Right now, I just feel like I’m in limbo; finding housing is incredibly appealing. I haven’t even started to think about work.

The reality of moving across the country without much planning definitely hit once I got to Atlanta. I’m excited, but totally terrified. Once I (hopefully) move into my new apartment tomorrow, I’ll take the time to collect myself. For now, onward to New York.

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