Calling 911

Freddie Sturgeon works December 4, 2012, at Central Emergency Dispatch Center at the Bloomington Police Department in Bloomington, Ind.

Over at American Student Radio, one of the producers is working on a piece on 911 – what happens when you call it, who is behind it, etc. Today I paid a visit to the Bloomington Police Department to make some photos inside the Central Emergency Dispatch Center, which handles calls for all of Monroe County not under jurisdiction of the Indiana University Police Department.

This was only my second time taking the new 5D Mark III out on assignment. The low-light capabilities of the camera, combined with a 50/1.4, were very helpful. Lighting still proved a challenge because the operators’ faces were lit by computer monitors, but I produced a few images I am happy with.

Big thanks to the crew at the center for welcoming me with open arms. Keep your eye out for the final 911 piece, which will be released later this month.

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